Zen no Yu Natural Onsen in Kawazu Town


This inn on the grounds of historic Jigenin, a famed Buddhist temple, features hot springs imbued with all the ambiance of traditional Japan. Here you can enjoy an onsen, cuisine, and hospitality of discriminating quality at very affordable rates.

The interior, designed in line with the concepts of Zen Buddhism, deftly fuses modern architecture with brightness and sense of freshness with the ambiance of an ancient temple. The simple spaces of a style also known as “japans modern” will lead you to a stay of soothing comfort.

The Buddhist teachings of Shakyamuni describe the practice of simply sitting with a still mind. You are welcome to experience a unique aspect of Japan by taking part in a zazen meditation session at the adjacent temple of Jigenin.

The onsen drawn directly from the source spring is said to be tremendously beneficial to health. In addition to an open-air bath made of prized hinoki cypress, a hot stone spa with various stones is to be effective in eliminating toxins from the body and is recommended for man as well as woman.

Zen in the hot water is served, such as yoga and zazen experience, experience a variety of plans for each day of the week. Hot water of hot springs hotel is can be used as a drinking fountain drink is allowed.

Joshin cuisine is the simple Buddhist fare consumed by monks at Zen monasteries and elsewhere. At Zen no Yu, loving care is taken to prepare healthy dishes using plenty of local seasonal ingredients.

Getting to Zen no Yu Natural Onsen
Approximately 15 minutes by bus from kawazu Station, reached by the Izu Kyuko Line.

Address and Contact
Amagi Onsen Zen-no-yu 28-1 Nashimoto, Kawazu Town (Kawazu-cho), Kamo District (Kamo-gun), Shizuoka Prefecture (Shizuoka-ken) 413-0501 Japan Phone: +81 – (0) 558-35-7253 Fax: +81 – (0) 558-35-7258

Website: http://zen-no-yu.com/en/