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With almost 500 kilometers of coastline, rivers that have their origin in the Japan Alps and lakes that flow into the Pacific Ocean, Shizuoka is a great place for marine sports. Whether you enjoy body or board surfing, sailing or fishing, you will find it here in our many easily accessible spots for marine sports enthusiasts.


You can enjoy fishing in almost all the rivers in Shizuoka prefecture. Ayu (sweetfish) and Nijimasu (rainbow trout) are here in abundance in clear streams. Kanogawa River (Izu), Matsukawa River (Izu and Ito), Shirata River/ Shiratagawa (Higashi Izu-cho) and branches of the Oi River (Oi-gawa) and Tenryu River (Tenryu-gawa), all offer excellent fishing. The clean waters of Shimizu Port, Yaizu Port and rivers are a treasure box for the fishing industry of the prefecture. The industry of marine product processing is also well developed. Abundent fishes you will find – Small shrimp, dried bonito flakes, sun dried horse mackerel, alfonsin, boiled fish sausage, young sardines, dried young sardines, yellow fin tuna, and bonito.

Rivers such as Fujikawa, Abekawa, Oikawa, and Tenryugawa flow throughout the prefecture, not to mention Lake Hamana in the west. Kano River of Izu Nagaoka Town (Naka Izu/Central Izu) enables fishing in mountain streams and Mt. Katsuragi provides views of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay. Such unvarnished nature ultimately relaxes visitors.

Hot Springs City – Ito City (Ito-shi) is the place for fishing! There are 200 fishing locations along the coast of Ito-shi. You can enjoy fishing on the shore at Jo-ga-saki Coast and fishing on the ship at Ito bay. Sweetfish known to live only in clean water can be found in Shirata River where fishing can be enjoyed. Fishing for conger at Matsukawa River and fishing for crucian and black bass at Lake Ippeki-ko are also popular.

Benten-jima (Maisaka-Cho) is one of seven islands south of Lake Hamana. These islands are a hot spring resort in itself. You can enjoy clam digging, fishing and swimming in the beaches. It is especially popular with families who come to gather shellfish at low tide from April, when the fishing season opens.

Lake Ikawa (Ikawa-ko) of Ikawa Dam on the Oi River is stocked with cherry salmon, carp and trout, and is a popular fishing spot.

You can fish from rocks along the coast on the Izu Peninsula at Ito and Toi, where there is a Fishing Park, and Izu Nagaoka and Jogasaki.

On the southern coast of Lake Hamana, there is Arai-cho and Maisaka. At the harbor at Omaezaki you can fish from the pier.

For those who enjoy getting their catch from the Ocean, you can rent a boat at Ito (four people for ¥20,000) and Inatori.

Fishing by casting a wide net is done on the Shiomizaka coast and Arai from May to October.

901 Ohito, Izunokuni City (Izunokuni-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2323, Japan Tel: 0558-72-5945, 0558-72-9600 Fax: 0558-72-5946

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Ito City Tourist Association 1-8-3 Yukawa, Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture 414-0002, Japan Tel: 0557-37-6105 FAX: 0557-37-9006


Izu Katase Tourist Association (Katase Hot Spring Spa) 41 Katase, Higashiizu town (Higashiizu-cho), Kamo District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan TEL: 0557-23-2558 Fax: 0557-23-2569


4-2-5 Nakamizo, Shimada City (Shimada-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 427-0043, Japan TEL: 0547-37-3048, 0547-32-9240 (Auto-answering tel service) FAX: 0547-37-3192


Lake Ikawa Tourist Information: Southern Alps Area [Ikawa Information Station]

Hamamatsu Visitors and Convention Bureau 696 Itayamachi, Naka Ward (Naka-ku), Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0928, Japan Tel: 053-458-0011, 053-452-1634 (Tourist Information Center) Fax: 053-458-0013


2-4 Ishizuminatocho, Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture 425-0042, Japan TEL: 054-624-5237

FAX: 054-623-4920

Society of Yaizu Fisheries Promotion

Fisheries Division, City Hall Yaizu 2-16-32 Honmachi, Yaizu City (Yaizu-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 425-0022, Japan TEL: 054(626)2152 FAX: 054(626)2188


Port City of Yaizu Tourist Association Website:


Hainan Beach (Haibara-Cho & Sagara-Cho) – The Shizunami Beach and Sagara Sun Beach are very popular bathing point in Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi) because they are shallow sandy beaches with calm waves. At Shizunami in Haibara-cho, you can enjoy these sports all year round. Various competitions are held here and you can also receive instructions. Throughout the town there are many shops where you buy or rent all the gear you need.

Shimoda – This coastal town is considered the mecca for young surfers who gather here throughout the year with their colorful surfboards. Surrounded by beautiful forest, mountains and white sands, Shimoda has some of the leading surf spots in Japan. The ocean water in Shimoda has been verified A-AA by the prefectural water examination committee. Because Shimoda is located at the southern tip of the Izu peninsula, it catches west, south and east swells making it possible to surf all year round. Shimoda is one of the best surf spots in Japan leading to its great popularity.

Omaezaki – This is the best spot for advanced surfers because of the strong wind. If you’re a beginner, April to July is the best season when the wind is not as strong. This is the site of the World Bodyboard Championships.

447-1 Shizunami, Haibara Town (Haibara-cho), Haibara-gun (Haibara District), Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0422, Japan Tel: 0548-23-0002, 0548-23-0001 Fax: 0548-23-0059


The largest surfboard, snowboard, skateboard Shop store in Shizuoka Prefecture

Jack Ocean Sports – Shizunami Beach, Makinohara City shop

in the western edge of the Shizunami coast 2308-4 Shizunami, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0422, Japan Tel: 0548-22-1563 Fax: 0548-22-6004

Hour: 10:00 ~ 20:00

Jack Ocean Sports – Shizuoka City shop

In front of Shizuoka Isetan department store 1-5 Shichikencho, Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi), Aoi Ward (Aoi-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 420-0035, Japan Tel: 054-653-1563 Fax: 054-653-2563

Hour: 10:30 ~ 20:00

Jack Ocean Sports Website:

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1-1 Hosoe, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka-ken 421-0421, Japan
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2219-84 Shizunami, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0422, Japan
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2220-119 Shizunami, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0422, Japan
Tel: 0548-22-8283

2220-123 Shizunami, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0422, Japan
Tel: 0548-22-5839, 0548-22-5993

2220-29 Shizunami, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0422, Japan TEL/FAX: 0548-23-9997

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2221-247 Shizunami, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0422, Japan Factory: tel: 0548-22-5102 fax: 0548-22-5155 Shop: tel: 0548-22-3367 fax: 0548-22-5155


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2224-42 Shizunami, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0422, Japan
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2633-175 Susuki, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0524, Japan TEL/FAX: 0548-52-5667

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Development, manufacture repair and sale of surf boat, windsurfing boat, motor boat, jet boating, leisure board and marine sports equipment and surfshop. Address: 295 Saisanji, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0515 Japan Tel: 0548-54-1119 FAX: 0548-54-1508


1623-2 Hazu, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0523, Japan TEL/FAX: 0548 52-4482

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3383-272 Katahama, Makinohara City (Makinohara-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0511, Japan TEL: 0548-52-3176 FAX: 0548-52-3176

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1612-1 Kisami, Shimoda City (Shimoda-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture (Shizuoka-ken) 415-0028, Japan Tel: 0558-27-0771 Store Hours: MON-SUN 10:00 am ~ 7:00 pm, Wednesday Close(No Closed on Wednesday in July~August).


58-8 Kisami, Shimoda City (Shimoda-shi) , Shizuoka Prefecture 415-0028, Japan TEL&FAX: 0558-22-2558

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2752-16 Shirahama, Shimoda City (Shimoda-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 415-0012, Japan TEL: 0558-22-6051, 0558-22-6002 (Store) FAX: 0558-23-5339

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2-20-8 Sanarudai, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Naka Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture 432-8021, Japan Tel: 053-445-1173 Fax: 053-445-1173 Hours: 12:00~21:00


806 Irino-cho, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Nishi Ward (Nishi-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 432-8061, Japan TEL&FAX:053-449-5471 Hour: 14:00~21:00, CLOSE: TUESDAY


1023-1 Nakatajimacho, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Minami Ward (Minami-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0845, Japan Tel: 053-442-3500 Fax: 053-442-3500

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3775-10 Maisakacho Bentenjima, Nishi Ward (Nishi-ku), Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-0214, Japan TEL/FAX: 053-540-0241


164-2 Midaka, Kawazu Town (Kawazu-cho), Kamo District (Kamo-gun), Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0503, Japan TEL: 0558-32-1727 FAX: 0558-34-0113

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158-5 Midaka, Kawazu Town (Kawazu-cho), Kamo District (Kamo-gun), Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0503, Japan

on the east coast of Izu Peninsula in Kamo District, Shizuoka Contact: Kawazu town (Kawazu-cho) Tourist Association, Tel: 0558-32-0290, 0558-32-0076,

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5431-144 Sumiyoshi, Yoshida town (Yoshida-cho), Haibara District (Haibara-gun), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0301, Japan TEL/FAX: 0548-32-4534 Hours: 10:00~19:00


1983 Kataoka, Yoshida town (Yoshida-cho), Haibara District (Haibara-gun), Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0301, Japan
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11-7 Omaezaki City (Omaezaki-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 437-1621, Japan Tel/Fax: 0548(63)6294

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122-26 Omaezaki City (Omaezaki-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 437-1621, Japan
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122-83 Omaezaki, Omaezaki City (Omaezaki-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 4371621, Japan TEL: 0548-63-0333 FAX: 0548-63-0334 Hours: 11:00~19:00

Website: http://

6621-452 Shirowa, Omaezaki City (Omaezaki-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 437-1622, Japan Tel: 0548-63-5146


267-2 Tamagawa, Mishima City (Mishima-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 411-0835, Japan Tel: 055-960-9973 Fax: 055-960-9972 Hours: 12:00~21:00


2-11-16 Nishikogawa, Yaizu City (Yaizu-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 425-0036, Japan Tel. 054-629-7474

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1492-14-2F Maehara Shimokanuki, Numazu City (Numazu-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 410-0822, Japan
TEL/FAX: 055-934-1234


At marinas around Lake Hamana you can rent sail boats, cruisers and various types of motor boats. Instruction in a wide variety of marine sports are also offered. At the spa Kanzanji you can rent a super motor boat — the kind that will whip you across the lake leaving a cloud of spray in your wake! Also here you can enjoy at romantic dinner and cruise while watching the sun set.

Izu Diving

The Izu Peninsula, located in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, has many popular diving spots, including the ones in Osezaki district in Numazu city and the Izu Kaiyo-Koen marine park in Ito. Choose Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Certified SCUBA DIVING Shops, Dive Resorts and Courses according to your need.

Full Details:

Izu Peninsula Scuba Diving Areas – PADI, NAUI Certified Diving Shops, Resorts & Courses


The typhoon season in Japan is between June and November. If a typhoon is approaching your area, pay close attention to weather forecasts and warning reports. Especially, if you plan to do any outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, boat riding, pay attention to warning reports for dangerous tsunami (tidal wave) carefully.