Outskirts of Hamamatsu Area, Hamamatsu City


Hamamatsu is well-known for its industrial production, particularly musical instruments, motorcycles, and textiles. In this area, there are plant and flower theme parks, history museums, and industrial tourism facilities where you can visit local factories.

The Enshu Coast, Nakatajima Sand Dunes, and some unique theme museums are located on the outskirts of Hamamatsu. Found on the outskirts of Hamamatsu is the splendid Japanese garden of the Ryotanji Temple, the mysterious caverns of Ryugashido, the appealing natural beauty of the Hamakita Shinrin Forest Park and many other worthwhile spots. It is also possible to play golf all year long at golf courses. One can also enjoy picking a variety of fruits including mandarin oranges, apples, grapes, and strawberries. At the Hamamatsu Fruits Park in the outskirts of Hamamatsu City, annually 15 different kinds of fruits such as peaches, apples and pears can be picked in accordance with the best picking time of each fruit.

Nakatajima Sand Dunes

nakatajima_sand_dunes Stretching 4km from east to west and 600m from north to south, Nakatajima Sand Dunes is one of Japan’s three major dunes. On a windy day, the dunes display a dynamic natural art performance as shifting “ripple marks” are formed by wind and waves. Behind the dunes, the Pacific Ocean stretches as far as the eye can see. The dunes are also well-known for beautiful wind patterns in the sand, which are constantly changing depending on the strength and direction of the wind. Every year, loggerhead turtles come here to lay eggs from early summer to fall.

Contact –

Nakatajima Sand Dunes ( Nakatajima-sakyu) 1313 Nakatajima-cho, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Minami Ward (Minami-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0845, Japan

Tel: 053-452-1634 (Hamamatsu Tourist Information Center)

Hamamatsu Festival Pavilion

hamamatsu_festival_pavilion_0 Hi-Vision pictures, light, and sound give the feeling of participating in the Hamamatsu Festival. Massive 4m-long square kites and a Goten Yatai are exhibited, and a kite string manufacturing room is also open to the public.

Contact – Hamamatsu Festival Pavilion

Entrance: Adults ¥400, free for jr. high school students and younger, disabled people, and those aged 70 and older Close: Dec.29~31 Hour: 9:00-16:30 Tel: 053-441-6211


Air Park Air Self-Defense Force Hamamatsu Public Relations Hall

air_park_air_self-defense_force_hamamatsu_public_relations_hall In this hall with the theme of “See, Touch and Experience”, visitors can enjoy the F-1 supporting fighting planes, flight simulators, a domed theater, and more.

Contact – JASDF Hamamatsu Air Base

Entrance: Free Closed: Mondays (Tuesday instead if Monday is a national holiday), the last Tuesday of the month, the 2nd Tuesday—Thursday of March, and New Year’s holidays Hour: 9:00-16:00 Tel: 053-472-1111


Hamamatsu Arena

hamamatsu_arena-1 This multipurpose hall accommodates up to 8,000 people, offering sports events, concerts, etc. The “Hamamatsu Higashi Mikawa Phoenix”, a pro basketball team, use this arena as one of their homes.

Contact – Hamamatsu Arena

Closed: Mondays (Tuesday instead if Monday is a national holiday), and Dec.29-~Jan.3 Hour: 9:00-21:00 Tel: 053-461-1111


Hamamatsu Amateur Sports Association Website:

Hamamatsu City History Museum

hamamatsu_city_history_museum The museum next to Shijimizuka Ruins (restored from settlement remains of the Jomon Period) displays a replica skeleton of a Naumann’s elephant, models of primitive settlements, etc. The museum also features an introduction to the history of the primitive/ancient days of the whole region of Hamamatsu.

Contact – Hamamatsu City History Museum

Entrance: Adults ¥300, high school students ¥150, free for jr. high school students and younger, disabled people, and those aged 70 and older Closed: Mondays (Tuesday instead if Monday is a national holiday), days following national holidays, and Dec.29~Jan.3 Hour: 9:00-17:00 Tel: 053-456-2208 Fax: 053-456-2275

E-Mail: hama…


Kamono Mabuchi Memorial Hall

kamono_mabuchi_memorial_hall-1 Kamono Mabuchi, born in this area, was a great Japanese classical scholar teaching Motoori Norinaga. This memorial was built in his hometown to introduce his works and performances.

Contact – Kamono Mabuchi Memorial Hall ( kamono mabuchi kinenkan)

Closed: Adults ¥300, high school students ¥150, free for jr. high school students and younger, disabled people, and those aged 70 and older Closed: Mondays (Tuesday instead if Monday is a national holiday), days following national, and Dec.29~Jan.3 Hour: 9:00-17:00 Tel/Fax: 053-456-8050

Email: kamo…


Saigagake Museum

saigagake_museum Saigagake, located approximately 1km north of Hamamatsu Castle, used to be a valley. This area, the site of a famous battle, was named Mikatahara Old Battlefield Remains by Shizuoka Prefecture. The museum offers visitors deeper knowledge about “Enshu Dainenbutsu”, with the goal of preserving local cultural heritage by passing down customs and traditions from generation to generation.

Contact – Saigagake Museum

Entrance: Free Closed: Mondays (Tuesday instead if Monday is a national holiday), days following national holidays, and Dec.29~-Jan.3 Hour: 9:00—17:00 Tel :053-457-2780 Fax :053-457-2786 E-mail: C-machiattocity.Hamamatsu.Shizuoka.Jp


Enshu Coast, Hamamatsu Beach

Hamamatsu is encompassed on all sides by a variety of natural surroundings – from the Akaishi Mountains in the north to the Enshu coast (Enshu-Nada beach) in the south, and from the Tenryu River in the east to Lake Hamana in the west. The breathtaking natural beauty can be enjoyed at scenic locations throughout the city.

Enjoy an outdoor activity such as water sports, cycling, hiking or fishing in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Enshu Coast, Lake Hamana, the Tenryu River and the Akaishi Mountains. Blowfish is a well-known delicacy of the winter season. The Enshu Coast has developed into one of the top fisheries in the country and natural blowfish caught in Maisaka fishing port is now sold on the Shimonoseki fish market. Natural blowfish from the Enshu coast has also become extremely popular in recent years, and has now been developed into a new regional product.

Figure: Map of Outskirts of Hamamatsu

Transportation – Getting Around Outskirts of Hamamatsu Area By Bus [See Map Above]:


  1. [Nakatajima Sand Dunes and Hamamatsu Festival Pavilion] Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal No.6 “Nakatajima Iki”
  2. 15 min. get off at Nakatajima Sakyu [Air Park] Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal No.14 “Izurni, Takaoka Iki”
  3. 25 min. get off at Izumi 4-chome and walk
  4. l0 min. ;[Hamamatsu Arena] Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal No.9 “Iwata Eki, Mitsuke Iki”
  5. I5 min. get off at Hamamatsu Arena [Hamamatsu City History Museum] Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal No.2 “Shijimizuka, Sanarudai Iki”
  6. 15 min. get off at Hakubutsukan and walk
  7. “1 min. ;[Kamono Mabuchi Memorial Hall] Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal No.5 “Ubumi, Yamazaki Iki”
  8. 15 min. get off at Shokokaigisho and walk
  9. 5 min. ;[Saigagake Museum] Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal No.1 “Kanzanji Onsen Iki”
  10. 15 min. get off at Hamamatsu Kitako