Kumomi Diving of Izu Peninsula, Matsuzaki town (Matsuzaki-cho)


Nestled between the steep hillsides of the West Izu Peninsula, this beautiful sheltered natural harbor is home to one of Izu’s most popular dive spots. it is also popular with beach goers and onsen lovers, so booking accommodation early is essential. Cape Ose and the Kumomi Coast are visited year-round by largo numbers of scuba divers. The clear water allows you to experience the full beauty of the underwater coral formations.

On a clear day you can look north from the beach and see Mt. Fuji perfectly framed by the cliffs at the mouth of the harbor. Here, just a 3-minute boat ride from the quayside, is a large rock outcrop that has at some time in the distant past been cleft in two. The rubble from this cataclysm has piled up on the sea floor to create a playground of swim-throughs and small caves.

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Like Futo, the crowds of weekend divers at Kumomi can be a problem. Mt. Fuji can be seen from Kumomi beach. Along the road from Matsuzaki to Kumomi the views of the cliffs and the sea is breathtaking. Kumomi harbor used to be a haven port for ships and boats to avoid wind, and has a legend of pirates.

On any summer weekend as many as a hundred divers might be gearing up on the quayside. Despite this close proximity of the dive sites, the constant turn around of boats mean that usually you don’t have to wait long for a dive and don’t see too many other people underwater. The facilities at Kumomi are probably the best on the peninsula, with a large clean building right on the quayside with showers, a hot tub, changing rooms and a lounge area where you can eat your own food.

Night diving can be arranged upon request.


Anemone fish, angel fish, basslet, box fish, butterfly fish, crab, file fish, goby, morays, parrot fish, small stingray, squid, surgeon fish, trigger fish, trunk fish, wrasse, and more…




Below the rocks you can explore the many holes, small caves, and swim throughs. Sheltered inside, many small reef fish can be found, while on the outside the deep water attracts bigger predators.


Kurozaki features deeper tunnels and caverns located on the right-hand side of Kumomi Bay. This spot is usually unknown to most divers and therefore highly recommended on crowded days. There are less corals but there is an amazing labyrinth starting at 15 meters that gradually ascends towards the waterline.


All of WEST Izu’s dive locations can only be reached by road. Public transport is also possible using the local bus services, but you would need plenty of time on your hands to do so.


Because of the remoteness of Kumomi, charters are usually three days, with two nights stay in one of the traditional minshuku in the village.

Kumomi Tourism Info


  • Kumomi Coast, Matsuzaki Town
  • Matsuzaki Beach
  • Matsuzaki town (Matsuzaki-cho) – West Coast of Izu Peninsula
  • Turban Shell (turban snails) Festival in Kumomi (on July 15)
  • Fireworks display on the Kumomi coast (on August 15-16)
  • Pirate Dish Festival on Kumomi coast (on 2nd Sunday of October)
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  • 387 Kumomi, Matsuzaki town (Matsuzaki-cho), Kamo District, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3615, Japan TEL: 0558-45-0844 FAX: 0558-45-0845, 0558-45-0350

    Website: http://kumomikankou.com/

  • Matsuzaki, Matsuzaki town (Matsuzaki-cho), Kamo-gun, Shizuoka 410-3611 Japan TEL.0558-42-0745 FAX.0558-42-2092

    Website: http://izumatsuzakinet.com/

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  • TEL: 0558-42-2799 FAX: 0558-42-1443


  • 301-1 Miyauchi, Matsuzaki, Kamo District, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3612, Japan Tel: 0558-42-3964 Fax: 0558-42-3183

    Website: http://www.town.matsuzaki.shizuoka.jp/

  • TEL: 0558-45-0844 FAX: 0558-45-0845

    Website: http://www.d2.dion.ne.jp/~kumomi/kujira.html

  • Tel: 0558-45-0701