Experience Shizuoka Mountains, Canyons, Ocean and Lakes


Mountains, canyons, the ocean, lakes, the sky…. Shizuoka, with so many opportunities for first-hand experience of the magnificence of nature.

Climbing Mt. Fuji – Fujinomiya City, Gotemba City and Oyama Town

Climbing is something that the Japanese also like to experience. There are three paths up the mountain the Fujinomiya, Gotemba and Subashiri courses – and for beginners, the Fujinomiya course is recommended.

The climbing season runs from July 1st through the end of August. During the two months, about 300,000 people step on the summit of the mountain. There are 5 climbing trails: KAWAGUCHIKO, FUJI-YOSHIDA, GOTEMBA, SUB-ASHIRI and FUJINOMIYA. The closest trail from YOKOSUKA is the GOTEMBA TRAIL. The trail is divided from the start-ing point to the summit into 10 different stations. Buses are available up to the 5th station. Almost all stations on the way to the summit have stone huts, which dispense refreshments, allow you to rest, and provide accommodations for overnight lodging. Sleeping accommodations include futon mats with a blanket in an open room. One night’s lodging, without reservations or meals, will cost a minimum of ¥5000. However, with reservations and 2 meals, it will costs around ¥8000 and up. You can have a simple supper there at your own expense. All food available on the mountain is Japanese-style.

Access – For Fujinomiya-guchi Shuttle buses are available at JR Shin-Fuji Station. For Gotemba-guchi & Subashiri guchi – Shuttle buses are available at JR Gotemba Station.

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Enjoy outdoor sports – Fantom Marine Kodama, Hamamatsu City

Lake Hamana is a popular spot for people wanting to enjoy water sports. At Fantom Marine Kodama, experience the thrill of speeding over tie water in a speedboat, and of floating through the sky with parasailing.

Access – From JR Hamamatsu Station, approximately 40 minutes by bus.

Oigawa Railway, Shimada City

The steam trains that travel along the Oi River between Kanaya and Senzu Stations are very popular. Between Senzu and Ikawa stations Apt-style train runs the train uses the only tack railway in Japan, which boasts the steepest gradient in the country.

Access – JR Kanaya Station.

Scuba Diving, Numazu City and other locations

Cape Ose and the Kumomi Coast are visited year-round by largo numbers of scuba divers. The clear water allows you to experience the full beauty of the underwater coral formations.

Paragliding, Karrami Town, and other locations

“I’d like 10 fly, just once.’ Who hasn’t had this dream? With paragliding, you too can experience the joy of flying. Why not experience the joy of floating in the sky?

Sumpu Takumi Shuku, Shizuoka City

Shizuoka’s traditional handicrafts and history, handed down from the Imagawa and Tokugawa Periods. Enjoy culture particular to Shizuoka through creating, playing, learning, observing, and tasting.

Access – From JR Shizuoka Station, approximately 30 minutes by bus.

Whole Earth Nature School, Shibakawa Town

Japan’s first nature school, based at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Here, you can enjoy climbing Mt. Fuji, exploring caves and forests, and children’s camps, while learning about history, culture, and nature.

Access – From JR Shin-Fuji Station, an approximately 40 minutes by taxi.

Fuji Speedway, Oyama Town

With Mt. Fuji as a backdrop, a circuit steeped in history and tradition that has been the venue for many international races. This also features test cars, where you can enjoy the feeling of being a race driver for a short time.

Access – From JR Gotemba Station, approximately 25 minutes by bus.