Tojin Grave

Toujin Grave Tomb And Kannondo Temple

In 1852, a ship crashed into the coast of Ishigaki. This ship was filled with Chinese laborers (Coolies, as they were known at the time) who were brought over by American ships to work in California. While on the ship they were treated like slaves and therefore revolted.

Tojin Grave
Tojin Grave

They attempted to escape on Ishigaki but, many were shot at and over 128 of the Chinese were killed. Some of the laborers were sheltered and protected by the royal government. This grave was erected to honor their memory.

Tojin Grave
Tojin Grave

Toujin is an archaic umbrella term for all continental Asian peoples.  Kannondo temple is located right down the road from the Toujin Grave.


It is a small buddhist temple, but is worth a visit. Both of these are located near the road to Fusaki Beach. There is also a monument near the grave which is dedicated to three United States soldiers that were killed in Ishigaki during WWII. It is a monument dedicated to making peace between the two former enemy nations.

Address: Toujin Grave/Kannondo Temple 1627, Arakawa, Ishigaki City (Ishigaki-shi), Okinawa Prefecture 907-0024, Japan Tel: 0980-82-1535