Sekijuku Station of Tokaido Road, Kameyama City (Kameyama-shi)

This ancient 200 old settlement houses flourished during Japan’s feudal Edo period (1603 to 1868) still remain in Seki Juku, a station of the Old Tokaido Road. During the Edo Period this district of inns on the historical Tokaido Road was a popular rest place, both for feudal processions and for pilgrims journeying to Ise.

Now restored, the old part of town includes two hundred historical buildings. As the only remaining historical inn district on the Tokaido, it has been designated a national historical district. There are a variety of sights, including the Seki Jizoin temple and the Seki Machinami Shiryokan (Hall of Records), where various historical documents related to Seki-juku are stored and displayed.

Tokaido Seki-Juku Kaido Matsuri (Sekijuku Tokaido Road Festival)

In this old own, Mikoshi – a portable shrine contest will be held. Floats parade through the town and special products will be sold. Sekijuku Tokaido Road Festival is held on earlier in the month of May and Sekijuku Summer Festval is held on late July.

Address and Contact:

674-8 Sekichoshinjo, Kameyama City (Kameyama-shi), Mie Prefecture 519-1111, Japan Getting there: Route 1, Ten-minute walk from JR Seki station. Tel: 0595-97-8200


Kameyama City (Kameyama-shi) Ministry of Culture and Tourism Promotion

Kameyama City Hall 919-1 Sekichokozaki, Kameyama, Mie Prefecture, Japan TEL: 0595-96-1215, 0595-96-1212, 0595-84-5049 (Kameyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry) FAX: 0595-96-2414, 0595-96-2414 (tourism)

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