Matsusaka Cotton Weaving Center, Matsusaka City (Matsusaka-shi)

In the Edo Period, local merchants shipped cotton and cotton products from Matsusaka to Edo (Tokyo). Today, products made from the material, characterized by the simple elegance of indigo its stripe pattern, are popular gifts. At the center, visitors can purchase cotton products and try their hand at hand-weaving.

The Matsusaka cotton utilized the technology to the cotton by dyeing as a result of indigo-striped cloth,which was prospered since the Edo period, and its reputation has been passed down to the present day. In this facility, equipped with six handlooms, you will hear the rhythmic clatter of Matsusaka cotton being weaved. You will be able to try cotton hand weaving in the”One-day weaver course”.Various Matsusaka cotton goods with characteristic vivid indigo and stripe pattern are also available.

Address and Contact: Matsusaka Momen (Cotton) Center 1658-3 Uomachi, Matsusaka City (Matsusaka-shi), Mie Prefecture 515-0082, Japan Getting there: Five-minute walk from JR or Kintetsu Matsusaka stations TEL: 0598-26-6355 FAX: 0598-26-6355

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