Odawara Parks and Gardens, Odawara City (Odawara-shi)

  • “Ikoi-no-mori” is surrounded by the nature of Kuno. On premises as large as 27ha, there is a camping site, a walk rally course, a bird golf course [18 holes (par 72)], as well as a multi-purpose hall and wood crafting workshop, encouraging various hobbies for enjoyment. A barbeque by the side of the river is especially popular.

    This Ikoi No Mori Forest Adventure Park is a thrill seeker’s paradise, with wooden platforms, cables, zip lines, ropes and nets – all an average of 40 feet above the forest floor. They have colorful and torturous names such as Log Balance, Rail Track, Zigzag Bridge, and The Half Trapeze. That’s not to mention the Tarzan Swing, Spider Web and Amazon Bridge. Forest Adventure Park is surrounded by a huge children’s park, campgrounds and a botanical garden. It’s an ideal day trip, or campers can enjoy a weekend or more of adventure.

    Barbecue site

    It is especially delicious to cook and eat outdoors under a blue sky.

    Bird Golf course

    The joy of hitting a shuttle ball on a vast golf course is unique to this forestry sport. Anyone can play, which is one of the charms of this sport.

    Taiken Koryu Center “Kitsutsuki” (Wood crafts work-study room & Multi-purpose hall)

    A craft class to learn wood crafts is provided in this lodge-like building, which can also be utilized as a place for multi-purpose exchange activities and workshops.

    Sports ground

    You can play volleyball, dodge ball, and badminton


    35 tents can be set up in the forest


    From Odawara Stn, take a bus headed for Ikoi-no-Mori (seasonal operation) and get off at the last stop 7 min from Odawara Atsugi Road, Ogikubo Interchange

    Address and Contact: Odawara Ikoi-no-mori Forest Park 4294-1 Kuno, Odawara City (Odawara-shi), Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0055, Japan Tel/Fax: 0465-24-3785 Hours: Tue-Sun (9am–5pm) Closed: Every Monday, the next day after a holiday (The next day when Monday falls on a holiday)

    Website: http://odawara-ikoi.com/

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