Kushiro City (Kushiro-shi), Hokkaido Prefecture

the-city-of-kushiro-kushiro-shi-sightseeing-and-tourist-information Kushiro, the largest city in eastern Hokkaido, is a marine food production center that boasts one of the top catches in Japan. The Kushiro River, which originates in Lake Kussharo, runs through the vast Kushiro Marsh and flows into the ocean, and the city flourishes at the river mouth. Washo Market, which deals primarily in seafood, is believed to date back to the… Kushiro Shitsugen (Marshlands) The Kushiro Marsh is a wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention and Japan’s largest wetland with an area of 18,300 ha. Blessed with diverse ecosystems, the park is particularly renowned as a habitat for the Japanese crane (Red-crowned Crane), a Special Natural Monument. The largest wetland in Japan, Kushiro Shitsugen (Marshland)… Akan National Park Akan National Park is a volcanic area with craters spread throughout the forest. It also contains three crystal clear lakes. The area surrounding these lakes is covered with forests and dotted with hot springs. Akan is one of Hokkaido’s most unique tourist attractions with its mysterious, foggy Lake Mashu, the marimo algae balls in Lake Akan and…