Chitose Tourist Information Guide, Chitose City (Chitose-shi)

The Chitose city is located in middle south of Hokkaido Japan and it is close to Sapporo where is the center of culture and economy of Hokkaido.

The Shikotsu lake which is a national park, plenty of nature and Chitose river. Moreover, airport, railroad and highway are well connected.

A mysterious lake crystal clear water surrounded by untouched virgin forest. Rocks draped in moss – a work of art carved out by volcanic activity, weathering and erosion.

Lush, green parks not far from the city centre and conveniently located for outdoor activities, Chitose has plenty of places very close-by where visitors can enjoy the countryside and lies in a beautiful rural district dotted with historical sites telling tales of times past.

Horse trekking through green countryside. Eco-rafting and freshwater scuba-diving in beautiful waters. Playing golf and park golf on one of the many spacious courses. Chitose offers a wide selection of sports and recreational activities that let you enjoy earth, water and sky to your heart’s content.