Takeshima, Gamagori City, Aichi


Takeshima is an island with a circumference of 620 m. connected to the mainland by a 387 m. long bridge. It has about 238 different plant species and has been designated a Japanese national treasure. In the center of the island there is a temple dedicated to one of the Japanese Gods, Benten-sama. You can walk around the island in about 30 minutes and enjoy the view of the sea and the island at the same time.

The symbol of Gamagori, Takeshima Island, is linked to the mainland by a 387 metre long bridge.

It is covered with 238 species of temperate zone plants and it has been designated as a national treasure.

The perimeter of this small island is 620 metres and it has an area of 19000 square metres. The view from Takeshima Island is awesome. A path has been built around the island and you can walk around the island in about 30 minutes while enjoying the spectacular view from Takeshima.

At the top of the island is Yaotomi Shrine, which is known for good luck in giving birth and marriage.

Contact details: Takeshima (Yaotomi Shrine) Takeshima-cho, 424-1, Gamagori-city 443-0031

Phone (0533) 68-3700