Nagoya Port Building & “Fuji” Antarctic Museum, Nagoya Sea Port, Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi)

The Port Building houses the Maritime Museum and a 53m high observatory. The icebreaker “Fuji” was a primary observation ship at the South Pole in Japan’s exploration of the Antarctic. Today it serves as the Antarctic Museum.

Role of the exhibition is broadly divided into two parts. One is to introduce state of the ship was ripped directly from the appearance of time (during voyage) to understand the role of ship structures and ship transport as a means of observation.

Second, by introducing the Antarctic, such as nature and significance of Antarctica, the Antarctic observation project with the understanding of Japan.

If you visit Nagoyako Port Building, you can enjoy the wonderful scene of Nagoya Port. The night view from the lookout point on the 21st floor, especially, is beyond description. You can also enjoy Nagoya Port by a pleasure boat. It takes about 30 minutes to enjoy a wonderful view via the sea. You can also have a party on the boat!

In the 3rd floor of the Port Building, you will find Nagoya marine museum (Nagoya Kaiyo Hakubutsukan) – the symbol of the Garden Pier of the Port of Nagoya. Cargo handling is mainly featured and exhibited in detail. It gives a favorable impression with the easy-to-understand exhibition style using dioramas and models. Elementary and junior high school students are not charged on the 3rd Saturday of the month. In the Nagoyako Port Building Gallery exhibits the works of painting and photos about the sea and the harbor for free.

Nagoya Port Building also has a Visitor Information Center beside Nagoya-ko Subway Station which acts as Nagoya Harbor General Office.

Maritime Museum Open: 9:30-17:00, Closed: Mon. and Dec.29~Jan.1 (Observatory)

“Fuji” Antarctic Museum

Open: 9:30-18:30, Closed: 3rd Mon. and Dec.29~Jan.1

Visitor Information Center:

9:00 – 17:00; (9:00 – 20:00 Jul.21 – Aug.31); Closed on Mon. (when Monday falls on a national holiday, the center is open and it is closed on the following day) and Jan. 19 – 22.

Location and Contact: Maritime Museum & “Fuji” Antarctic Museum, Nagoya Port Building/ Nagoya Port Visitor Information Center 1-9 Minatomachi, Minato Ward (Minato-ku), Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi), Aichi Prefecture (Aichi-ken) 455-0033, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 35.089646999999999,136.88098499999998] Beside Nagoya-ko Subway Station TEL: 052-652-1111, FAX: 052-661-864 TEL: 052-654-7000 (Nagoya Port Visitor Information Center) Website:

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