Nagoya Castle in Naka-ku, Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi)

This castle is one of the largest-scale castles in Japan, built by Shogun leyasu Tokugawa in 1612. Build by Tokugawa leyasu, this castle is a symbol of the city and was hailed as “the key to controlling Owari-Nagoya.” Highlights include the exhibits inside the donjon, the view from the top floor, and a garden that is beautiful in all four seasons. Many of the original buildings were burned down in the bombings of world war 2, but the current donjon was reconstructed in 1959 and various cultural treasures are exhibited here now.

Ninomaru Garden in Nagoya Castle grounds is also one of the rare remaining castle gardens in Japan. You can see the golden tea kettle that was made from the remains of the original golden “shachi”, which was melted down with the destruction of the castle during the war.

The main donjon houses the museum over 5 floors, displaying artifacts and screens representative of the Edo period. Meijo Park which surrounds the park is famous for its cherry trees – over 1600. The 630 seat traditional style Nagoya Noh Theatre (Noh is an ancient form of Japanese theatre) opened in April 1997 and is located across the road from the Castles main gate.

Hommaru Palace in the Nagoya Castle Grounds

The Hommaru Palace was once located on the south side of the Nagoya Castle donjon. The Hommaru Palace was regarded as the finest masterpiece of modern castle architecture in Japan and along with the Ninomaru Palace at Nijo Castle in Kyoto , which is designated as a National Treasure, was considered to be the preeminent example of samurai style Shoin palace architecture. Plans are in place to rebuild Hommaru Palace by 2017.

Hours: Open: 9.00-16.30 (Last entry to castle donjon at 16.00)

Closed: Dec. 29th – Jan. 1st

Fee: Sr. high school students and above: ¥ (JPY) 500 – ¥ (JPY) 400

Junior high school students and below: Free

Location and Contact:
Nagoya Castle Management Office 1-1, Honmaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi), Aichi 460-0031 Japan [Geo Coordinate: 35.185589999999998,136.8990600000000] Get off at Shiyakusho-mae on the Meijo Subway Line and walk 5 minutes. Tel: 052-231-1700 (Main) Fax: 052-201-3646 (Main) Hisaya-odori Koen Parking Place Phone: 052-971-8546 Wakamiya-odori Koen Shirakawa-mae Parking Place Phone: 052-231-1051 Wakamiya-odori Koen Suzakibashi Parking Place Phone: 052-231-1051 MID Shimo-Hirai Parking Phone: 052-581-0969


Nagoya Castle Promotion Association TEL: 052-231-1655 FAX: 052-231-1617


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