Ashikaga Flower Park

Ashikaga Flower Park , whose area is 20.3 acres, is well-known that the transplantation of Ofuji , wisteria, over 100 years old succeeded for the first time in Japan. There are remarkable four spots with big wisteria trellis besides 160 wisterias over sixty years old, 1500 azaleas over sixty years old, more than 1000 hydrangeas, 10,000,calamis, etc.

The park buried 260 tons of charcoal to purify air, activate , and fertilize the soil. With the care like this, the park cherishes not only plants but the environment. The inside restaurant serves draft beer direct from a beer brewery, shabushabu, barbecue ,etc.

Eight Floral Seasons of Ashikaga City Flower Park:

  1. Seasonal flowers

    • Pheasant’s eye
    • Christmas rose
    • Winter clematis
  2. Seasonal flowers

    • Tulips
    • Crocus
    • Thunberg’s meadowsweet
  3. Seasonal flowers

    • Japanese Wisteria
    • Japanese Azalea
    • Peony
  4. Seasonal flowers

    • Rose
    • Rhododendron
    • Clematis
  5. Seasonal flowers

    • Iris
    • Hydrangea
    • Late blooming clematis
  6. Seasonal flowers

    • Tropical water lilies
    • Japanese water lilies
  7. Seasonal flowers

    • Amethyst sage/Mexican bush sage
    • Lantana
    • Tropical water lilies
  8. Seasonal flowers

    • Festive illuminations
    • Pansies
    • Violas

Flower information in Ashikaga

Hamamelis japonica (mansaku)

Season: From late January to early March
Locations: Shiosaka Toge Pass(Kabasaki-cho), Senningatake Mountain(Omata-cho)

Japanese apricot (Ume)

Season: From late February to early March
Locations: Seikeien(Nishinomiya-cho) 1,500 trees, Kurita Museum(Komaba-cho) 100 trees

Dogtooth violet (Katakuri)

Season: From late March to early April
Locations: The entrance of Nagusa Rocks, Senningatake Mountain(Omata-cho), Kurita Museum(Komaba-cho)

Rape blossoms (Nanohana)

Season: From early March to early April
Locations: Chitose Fukurogawa Riverbank, Watarasegawa Riverbank

Cherry blossoms (Sakura)

Season: From late March to early April
Locations: Orihime Park 1,000 trees, Ashikaga Park 350 trees, Yamamae Park 270 trees, Chitose Fukurogawa Riverbank 150 trees, Bannaji Temple(Ietomi-cho) 50 trees, Okazakiyama Mountain(Teraoka-cho)

Dogwood (Hanamizuki)

Season: From mid-April to early May
Locations: Streets and Avenues in the city, Ashikaga Flower Park(Hasama-cho)

Peony (Botan)

Season: From late April to early May
Locations: Komyoji Temple(Tajima-cho) 250 trees

Wisteria (Fuji)

Season: From late April to early May
Locations: Ashikaga Flower Park 4 wisteria trellis, 160 trees

Azelea (Tsutsuji)

Season: Early May
Locations: Orihime Park 5,000 trees, Ashikaga Park

Kurume Azelea (Kurume Tsutsuji)

Season: From mid-April to early May
Locations: Ashikaga Flower Park 1,500 trees

Hydrangea (Ajisai)

Season: From early June to early July.
Locations: Ashikaga Flower Park 1,000 trees, Orihime Park 600 trees, Yamamae Park 700 trees, Kisshoji Temple(Egawa-cho) 1,400 trees, A historic site, Nakazatojoshi, the ruin of a castle(Fukui-cho)

Iris (Shobu)

Season: From mid-June to early July.
Locations: Ashikaga Flower Park 10,000 flowers.

Nelumbo nucifera (Ogahasu)

Season: From late June to July.
Locations: Ashikaga Green and Park maintenance Association(Iwai-cho).

Ginko trees and Japanese maples (Koyo, oyo)

Season: From early November to mid-November
Locations: Gyodosan Jyoinji Temple, Orihime Park, Bannaji Temple(Large ginko trees).

Ashikaga Flower Park Visitors Info
OPENING HOURS: 9:00 – 18:00 Closing time changes by the season. Opening Hours of the Beer restaurant 10:00 – 21:00

CLOSED: 7 Days a week Close on New Years day and facilities inspection days

ACCESS: JR Ryomo line get off at Ashikaga station 3.7 miles 15 min. car get off at Tomita station 0.9 miles 20 min. walk Tobu Isezaki line get off at Tobuashikaga station 4 miles 20 min. walk.

City bus Seseragi get off at Tomitayubinkyokumae bus stop 10 min. walk.

PARKING: Free Parking 40 buses and 300 cars Address: 607 Hasama Town, Ashikaga City (Ashikaga-shi), Tochigi Prefecture, 329-4216 Japan Tel: 0284-91-4939 Fax: 0284-91-4587