Shizuoka Industry Tour, factory tours

Shizuoka Prefecture has made remarkable strides in industry, in particular being known for its musical instrument and automobile industries. There are many companies at which visitors can take factory tours. Here you can experience the witnessing the most advanced skills and cutting-edge technology in action.

The birthplace of Toyota

Sakichi Toyota, the founder of the Toyota Group, was born in Kosai City. Shizuoka Prefecture. The Sakichi Toyota Memorial House was opened in 1988, 120 years after his birth. This uses items related to his life to let visitors experience the passion of manufacturing.

Plastic models – Tamiya Headquarters, Shizuoka City

Shizuoka Prefecture produces the most plastic models in Japan. Tamiya is well known around the world by fans of plastic model, and you can enjoy freely exploring the showroom at the Tamiya headquarters, and the Tamiya History Hall.

Access – From JR Higashi-Shizuoka Station, an approximately 5 minutes by taxi.

Musical Instruments

Shizuoka Prefecture has been a manufacturing hub for musical instruments since the Meiji period. At present, it produces the most pianos, electronic instruments and Japanese and Western acoustic instruments in Japan. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of music produced by instruments created with painstaking skill.

Motorcycles and Cars

Shizuoka Prefecture is the birthplace of both Honda and of Toyota Sakichi, the founder of the Toyota Group, making it a key location in motorcycle and automobile manufacturing. As such, it is a popular destination with automotive fans.

Suruga Miniature Furniture (for dolls)

Items such as sewing boxes and drawers that can fit into the hand are painstakingly made into a box by artisans, with gold and lacquer decorations, giving the feeling of the ”real thing.”

Shiseido Art Museum, Kakegawa City

This displays over 135 years of Shiseido advertising in newspapers and magazines, and television commercials, etc. Additionally, the adjoining art house also exhibits paintings, sculptures, and craft works.

Access – From JR Kakegawa Station, an approximately 5-minutes by taxi.

Sapporo Beer Shizuoka Brewery, Yaizu City

Most people visit the brewery to see how beer is made. Another on-site attraction is a biotope garden, where you can stroll and enjoy natural surroundings.

Access – From JR Yaizu Station, an approximately 10 minutes by taxi.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Fukuroi City

A beverage manufacturer that produces unique products for fluid replacement and nutrition. You can experience a tour of their soft drink manufacturing facility.

Access – From JR Fukuroi Station an approximately 15 minutes by taxi.

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