Shinei Park World Peace Bell on Ishigaki Island

Just like the one that is found at the United Nations Headquarters, this bell is rung during the International Day of Peace. There are three world peace bells located in Japan. The other two bells are in Wakkanai City-Hokkaido and Osaka. The bells are created by using coins and medals from the countries of the world. The International Day of Peace is held on the opening day of the United Nations General Assembly. Its purpose is to call for world peace as well as a 24 hour cease-fire and day of non-violence. World Peace Bells can also be found in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Mongolia, Australia, the Philippines, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain, Uzbekistan, and in New Zealand.

The International Day of Peace was celebrated on Sept. 21, 2011 at the site of the International Peace Bell in Shinei Park, one month after the 100th anniversary of Taiwan was celebrated (August 23, 2011). Peace Day is also a day of cease-fire and is celebrated around the world to commemorate the ideals of world peace.