The streets of Kuwana City seen from Mt. Tado

Things To Do In Kuwana City

In the Edo Period, Kuwana prospered as one of forty-two lodging stations along the historical Tokaido Road that extended from Kyoto to Tokyo. At the time, travelers crossed from Atsuta in Nagoya to Kuwana by boat at a point known as Shichiri-no-Watashi.

Arcade on Teramachi Dori Kuwana City
Arcade on Teramachi Dori Kuwana City

Kyuka Park, where the ruin of Kuwana Castle are situated, is now a popular spot to view cherry blossoms and azaleas, but the surrounding district bears only faint traces of its former history.

Kuwana Castle
Kuwana Castle

KUWANA-NO-TONOSAMA MIDAIDOKORO MATSURI & SENHIME ORIZURU GYORETSU (Kuwana City Festival) is held at Teramachi-dori, Hachiken-dori, Yotsuya-dori, Hanamachi, Kuwana-shi. Kuwana was prosperous as a station along Old Tokai-d o Road in the Edo Period.

Festival Morning In Kuwana
Festival Morning In Kuwana

This festival is held to proclaim Kuwana as the “Kitchen of the Tokai Area” and “Food City” and also to honor Tokugawa Ieyasu’s granddaughter, Senhime, who married the lord of Kuwana fief. Local products and food Specialties, including grilled clams, from the period in this area will be sold at a special price.

Clams for sale in Kuwana City
Clams for sale in Kuwana City

This festival also features the parade of princess Senhime by 200 citizens dressed in the Edo Era princess, samurai, and lady’s maid costumes and a fire ceremony of Senba-zuru (1000-folded paper cranes).

Summer Festival in Kuwana
Festival in Kuwana

Senba-zuru in Kuwana, invented in 1797, is folded by using one piece of paper. At this festival, Senbazuru collected from all over Japan will be displayed at Honno-ji Temple and afterward burned to pray for people’s health and happiness. Call: Matsuri Jikko Iinkai 0594-24-6822

Rokkaen Building in Kuwana
Rokkaen Building in Kuwana

Other Kuwana Points of Interest:

  • Kuwana City Museum, Take the bus from Kuwana Stn. and get off at Miya-dori. Call: 0594-21- 3171
  • Daifukuden-ji Temple, Kuwana-shi. Call: 0594-22-0199
  • Tado-taisha Shrine, Tado-cho, Kuwanashi. 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM Call: 0594-48- 2037
  • Mitsui Outlet Park Nagashima (Jazz Dream Nagashima)
  • Nagashima Spa & Resort Hotel, Nabana no Sato Village
  • Nagashima Spa – “Yuami no Shima”
  • Nagashima Spa Land – Amusement Park
  • Nagoya Anpanman Children’s Museum and Park
  • Tado Festival, Tado Taisha Shrine
  • Nabana no Sato theme park in Kuwana: The park’s illumination, which lasts until March, uses more than 5.8 million lights in a dazzling display of shapes and figures. Nabana-no-Sato is a theme park located close to River Kiso and this year’s theme is Fuji and the Sea. The vast theme park with 8,000 square meters (about 26,400 square meters) of flower garden is decorated with LED lights since 2007. It has become one of Japans greatest local tourist attraction.
  • Nabana-no-sato (Large Flower Garden, Gourmet and Hot Spring Facility, Nagahsimacho, Kuwana-shi 0594-41-0787) Through Mar.
  • Winter Illumination, Winter lights at Nabana-no-sato are the largest illuminations in Japan. Mar. 9 – Jul. 15
  • Kuwana Riverside Fireworks Festival on the banks of Ibi River, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. 15-minute walk from Kuwana Station on JR Kansai or Kintetsu Nagoya Line. Call at 0594-21-5416, FAX: 0594-21-5416,
  • Spring Flower Festival, Enjoy the flowers of four seasons. Admission fee: 2000 yen. Open until 9:00 PM. 10-min bus ride from Kuwana Stn.
  • Shichifuku-Jin Matsuri at Junen-ji Temple, Kuwana-shi. People disguised as SHICHIFUKU-JIN (the seven gods of good luck) will parade through the town. There will be a taisho-goto (Japanese stringed instrument) performance. Call: 0594-23-3388
  • Ise Dai Kagura (Ise Grand God-Music Performance) around Masuda Shrine, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. 20-minute walk from Kuwana Station on JR Kansai or Kintetsu Nagoya Line. Call 0594-23-2498
  • Nandemo-Ichi at Waju-no-sato, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana-shi. 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Local specialties. (vegetables, fish, handicrafts) Call: 0594- 42-0001
  • Kingyo (Goldfish) Festival at Kyuka Park, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. 20-minute walk from Kuwana Station on JR Kansai or Kintetsu Nagoya Line. Call 0594-21-5416 FAX:0594-21-5416
  • Ishitori Festival – Known as a crazy festival, it is said to be “Japan’s noisiest public festival”. Around 30 festival floats crash and make noise continuously for 3 evenings in a boisterous, unlimited festiva
  • Shichiri Crossing Ruins, Senba-cho, Kuwana City – 20-minute walk from Kuwana Station on JR or Kintetsu Line or 3-minute walk from Senba-cho Bus Stop on community bus route.Call Kuwana City Board of Education Culture Group TEL: 0594-24-1361, FAX: 0594-24-1358
  • Kuwana City Comprehensive Athletic Tennis Court Park at 1859-4 Hagasaki, Kuwana. Call 594-32-2000, Website:
Statue of Honda Tadakatsu Kuwana Castle
Statue of Honda Tadakatsu Kuwana Castle