Kitabatakeshi Yakata Ruins Garden

Kitabatake House Garden

The Kitabatake House Garden or Kitabatakeshi Yakataato Teien in Japanese is located in the Kitabatake Shrine and is one of three gardens in Japan famous for having been designed by military leaders. Designed by General Hosokawa Takakuni during the 16th century, the garden is constructed in the wild-style garden (made famous by Kyoto’s Ryonji Temple) and includes a pond.

This old garden is rich in natural beauty and was the site of the Kitabatake Clan residence in the middle Ages. There is superb harmony between the garden and the autumn leaves. It is one of Japan’s 3 major old samurai gardens.

Kitabatakeshi Yakata Ruins Garden
Kitabatakeshi Yakata Ruins Garden

Kitabatake Shrine Festival (Kitabatake Shrine Ohmatsuri)

Many night stalls will be opened. Ceremony at Kitabatake Shrine, Misugi-cho, Tsu-shi. This festival has the atmosphere of the Muromachi Period. Held in the month of Oct.

Address and Contact:

Kitabatake Shrine

1148 Misugicho Kamitage, Misugi-village (Misugi-mura), Tsu City (Tsu-shi), Mie Prefecture 515-3312 Japan Note: On January 1, 2006 the village of Misato was merged into the expanded city of Tsu City (Tsu-shi) and no longer exists as an independent municipality. Getting There: Ten minutes by car from JR Ise Okutsu Station Hour: 9:00 to 17:00 Entrance: ¥300

TEL: 059-275-0615

Tsu City Tourism Association

700-2F, Hadokorocho, Tsu City (Tsu-shi), Mie, 514-0009 Japan Tel: 059-246-9020 Fax: 059-221-0811