Kanagawa Onsen Hot Springs


Kanagawa Prefectures boasts the spectacular Hakone area, just 2 hours southwest of Tokyo and featuring lofty peeks, deep valleys, clear streams and some of the finest hot springs in Japan. Hakone is close to Mt. Fuji, where there are more than one hundred Japanese-style inns and hotels, abundant hot springs, beautiful nature and museums, exciting vehicles, and other attractions. Hakone Onsen is a must-visit place when you visit Japan. This volcanic area literally bursts with onsen. Although some of the hot springs near town are set amidst neon lights and bustling streets, others, tucked deep in the mountains, provide peaceful getaways for even the most solitary travelers.

There are seventeen different onsen areas that make up the “Hakone 17 Toh” (17 renowned hot springs of Hakone). Seven of these used to be called “Hakone 7 Toh” (the seven traditional hot springs of Hakone). They included Yumoto, Tonosawa, Miyanoshita, Sokokura, Dogashima, Kiga, and Ashinoyu. All except Ashinoyu were situated along the Haya River in the center of the Hakone region. The ten other onsen – Gora, Ohiradai, Kowakudani, Miyagino, Ninotaira, Sengokuhara, Ubako, Yu-no-hanazawa, Takogawa and Ashino-ko – were recently added to the list that now includes all seventeen.

Ohiradai Onsen and Dogashima Onsen are located upstream and Miyanoshita Onsen hosts the famous Fujiya Hotel which first opened in the Edo period, thereafter prospering as a resort for foreigners in the Meiji period. Sokokura Onsen, Kiga Onsen, Ninotaira Onsen, Kowakudani Onsen, Gora Onsen, Miyagino Onsen, Sengokuhara Onsen, Ubako Onsen, Yunohanazawa Onsen and Takogawa Onsen are also to be found nearby while Ashinoyu Onsen is a peaceful spa at the foot of Mount Komagatake alongside the old Hakone Kaido street. Ashinoko Onsen offers wonderful views of Lake Ashi after which it is named, as well as of Mount Fuji. In addition, the nature of the Hakone area the Prince Hakone – Ashinokohan Takogawa Onsen Ryuguden, Hakone Sightseeing Ship, and Hakone Ropeway were all fairly popular.

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