Chitose Study Tours – Chitose City (Chitose-shi) has a wealth of study tours!

Step into an unknown world and make new and exciting discoveries! Visit Chitose Salmon Aquarium to see the many fish native to the northern rivers and seas, or explore the various food manufacturers and breweries.

Chitose has been an essential link between Honshu and Hokkaido for many years and is a treasure house of opportunities to study of Chitose’s culture and industry.

Salmon Park Chitose Road Station – By the clear waters of the Chitose River

A road station is a roadside rest area where you can stop and browse local produce and access tourist and travel information. Located on Rt. 337, this road station is home to Chitose Salmon Aquarium and some farm shops. Autumn visitors can see the unique Indian Fish Wheel’ up close and in operation as it captures adult salmon as they migrate upstream to spawn.

Chitose Salmon Aquarium – Come and meet the freshwater fish!

The aquarium houses one of the country’s largest freshwater holding tanks and an underwater observation room from which, throughout the year, visitors can see directly into the Chitose River and observe the salmon and other freshwater fish in their natural habitat. More: Contact Info and Other Visitors Information of Chitose Salmon Aquarium

Hokkaido Kikkoman – Discover the history and traditions of soy sauce production

Hokkaido Kikkoman gives you a brief insight into Kikkoman’s long history of soy sauce production which dates back to 1558. There is a great deal for the visitor to do such as taking study tours of the factory or browsing the exhibits. Original soy sauce can be purchased at the factory shop.

Kirin Beer Park Chitose – Brewery Tours and Beer Tastings!

Brewery tours provide the opportunity to study the beer-making process up close. Visitors can also stroll around the Tropical Dome which houses tropical and sub-tropical plants and 800 types of orchids – 6,000 plants in total!

Kyusai Farm Chitose – Kale juice anyone?!

Kale is part of the species from which we get cabbage and broccoli and is used to make a dark green vegetable drink called’ aojiru’. Kyusai Farm offers tours where visitors can watch the manufacturing process and sample some of the fresh juice for themselves.

Grace Wine Chitose Wine – Taste the fruits of Hokkaido’s cool climate!

This stone-built winery has a wonderful, genuine atmosphere and produces the extremely popular Hokkaido wine -‘Kita Wein Kerner’ (Sweet / Dry). It also vints wine from haskap berries (honeyberries) which grow wild in Hokkaido.

Calbee Chitose Factory – So that’s how potato chips are made!

Of all the Calbee factories in Japan, this is the only one that has opened its (floors to the public and conducts tours. Visitors can watch the chips flow by as they pass through the production process and see a wide variety of Calbee products on show in the exhibition hall.

Chitose Salmon Aquarium 2-312 Hanazono, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-42-3001
Denen Club Hokkaido 79-1 Kamaka, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-27-5566
Hokkaido Kikkoman 1007-53 Izumisawa, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-28-3888
Kirin Beer Park Chitose 949-1 Kamiosatsu, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-24-3101
Kyusai Farm Chitose 1114-13 Chuo, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-20-2161
Grace Wine Chitose Winery 1-6 Takadai, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-27-2460
Calbee Chitose Factory 779-4 Kitashinano, Chitose City (Chitose-shi) Tel: 0123-26-1111