Iwaki Yumoto Onsen (hot springs) In Iwaki City



It is an only hot spring village in Hama Street, which water is from old Joban coal mine shaft. Known as one of the three famous hot springs in Japan. It was opend 1200 years ago. The water is plentiful (5000 liter per minute) , and good for many diseases. It is convinient for sightseeing around here, such as Nakoso no Seki (an old barrier), Spa Resort Hawaiians, the museun of coal and fossils, the Marine tower, and so on.

It is the only hot spring in the Pacific coastal “Hama-dori”region of Fukushima Prefecture. Each year it hosts numerous holidaymakers who are not only attracted to the hot spring itself but also to dishes featuring the freshest fish unloaded at the nearby port.
Located about 10 kilometers southwest of the center of Iwaki, the area around the Yumoto Onsen hot spring has enjoyed popularity since the Edo Period (1603 to 1867). Along with Dogo Hot Spring and Arima Hot Spring, it is one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan. Drawn from beneath the ground of the Joban area (approximately 50 meters underground), it sends five tons of its water every minute. A full-time hot spring therapist is found at each inn who teaches you the ways of effective bathing at no charge.

The resort, called Spa Resort Hawaiians, has a number of facilities and attractions, including a variety of hot springs and spas, a small water park, food, accommodations, and of course hula shows.

Essential Info:

  • Municipality: Iwaki City
  • Parking: Available
  • Character of Spa: Hot spring village
  • Kind of hot spring: Sulphur
  • Effects: Miscellaneous, Incised wound, Burn, Skin problems, Women’s problems, High blood pressure, Hardening of the arteries, Diabetes.
  • Number of hotels: 34 hotels, 4,090 persons
  • Location: Joban, Iwaki City
  • Access: 5-10 minute walk from JR Joban Line Yumoto Station. Joban Expressway Iwaki-Yumoto IC.
  • Reference: Iwaki-Yumoto Onsen Ryokan Cooperative, TEL (0246)43-3017, Website: http://www.iwakiyumoto.or.jp/ Or

    Spa Resort Hawaiians, Joban, Iwaki City. Website: http://www.hawaiians.co.jp/english/index3.html