Tokai Nature Walking Course, Inuyama-shi (Inuyama City)


The Tokai Nature Walking Course at Inuyama starts from the north-eastern edge of Komaki city, the so-called `Sky and Land Gateway to the Chubu Region`. It passes through several points of scenic beauty, including Hasso Natural Recreation Forest, Iruka Pond, Tsugao-Kannon Jakko-in Temple, and Inuyama Castle, before reaching Rhine Ohashi. It is about 24 kilometers long.

Much of this area is the Hida-Kiso Quasi-national Park where you can enjoy the changing scenery of Japan’s Four Seasons.


The trail itself has the distance of more than 1,200km, linking various natural and cultural scenic sights connect with Takao, Hachioji and Osaka. The long trail goes through around Fuji Kawaguchiko area, and the trail features various aspect of Mt. Fuji, so it is called “Trail to walk with Mt. Fuji”.

In Aichi Prefecture, the trail runs between Inuyama and Shinshiro, through mountains and across rivers behind Nagoya.

Bihoku Nature Trail is a part of the Tokai nature trail which criss-crosses Aichi prefecture.Opened in 1972,it takes Iruka pond in Inuyama as its starting point,and passes through Oguchi Town and Konan,finishing at the Iwakura gKibo no ie” in Kawai-cho,forming a hiking course which makes use of the full 27.11km long embankment of the Gojo River.

Tokai Nature Trail Council Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism Division, Toyota City, Aichi Tel.: 0565-34-6642

Tokai Nature Trail Course, Aichi Prefecture, Ministry of Environment: Inuyama-shi (Inuyama City) Tourist Information Center: Tel: 0568-61-6000

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