Honnen Matsuri Penis Festival Japan

Honen Matsuri Harvest Festival Guide

This Shrine is dedicated to the God of harvest which is five staple grains (rice, wheat, etc.) and the prosperity of future generations. The Bumper Harvest Festival is where a huge wooden phallus is paraded, then offered at the shrine, also called Tagata Jinja (Tagata temple). It is well-known for its uniqueness.

Honnen Matsuri Pinis Festival Japan
Honnen Matsuri Pinis Festival Japan

This Honen Matsuri (Harvest Festival, also called Fertility Festival) is held on March 15 every year. Every year,in the Komaki City (Komaki-shi), about halfway between Inuyama and Nagoya, a crowd of curious travelers and regulars comes to watch this ceremony affectionately nicknamed “The Penis Festival”.


Location and Contact
Honen Matsuri (Harvest Festival) at Tagata Shrine (Jinja/ Temple) 152 Tagata-cho, Komaki City (Komaki-shi), Aichi Prefecture 485-0004, Japan

To reach Komaki, you can take the Meitetsu line train from Nagoya to Inuyama, then change to the Meitetsu Komaki line (operated by Nagoya Railroad between Kamiiida Station in Nagoya and Inuyama Station in Inuyama). Tagata-jinja-mae is the third stop from Inuyama, and the station is a 10-minute walk from the shrine. The journey costs about ¥710, depending on which train you take, and takes one hour.

Website: http://www.tagatajinja.com/

Tagata Shrine
Tagata Shrine

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