Banko Pottery Center, Yokkaichi City (Yokkaichi-shi)

Banko pottery, said to grow in luster and beauty the longer it is used, is a traditional product with a proud history of over 250 years. The pottery center has displays of Banko ware and items for sale. This facility exhibits and sells Banko ware,a representative pottery of Mie with a 250 year history, and has a shop and exhibition room introducing Banko ware.

Why not make a reservation for the one-day pottery craft class. On the first floor, a one-day ceramic art class is offered in the studio for anyone who makes a reservation. Teapots are the famous products but vases and dishes are also produced.


Banko Pottery Festival

Around Banko Shrine, a great number of Banko pottery shops are lined up and many people come, creating a lively atmosphere. Usually held in May, a two day festival famous for its traditional and original Japanese pottery. Held at the Yokkaichi Banko Pottery Center. You may even be able to find some real bargains if you look hard. Take the local Kintetsu train north to Kawaramachi (only takes a few minutes).

Address and Contact: Banko Pottery Center 4-8 Toeicho, Yokkaichi City (Yokkaichi-shi), Mie-ken (Mie Prefecture) 510-0035, Japan Getting There: Five-munites walk from Kintetsu Kawaramachi station TEL: (059)330-2020 FAX: (059)330-2021

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